BBAX is excited to announce a collaborative partnership with La Neomudéjar Museum in Madrid, Spain. Located next to the Atocha Train Station and very close to the Paseo del Arte, 'La Neomudéjar' Avant-garde Art Centre and International Artist Residency, is a space dedicated to the most innovative creations. Video-art festivals, exhibitions, talks and artistic installations are programmed in the space, leaving a mark on the building itself.


Due to the quarantine efforts of many countries, BBAX and La Neomudéjar are sharing efforts to spread the work of artists during this time of the COVID-19 outbreak. We believe that it is important to remain calm and positive and support the artistic community by promoting their work.

We are asking artists to send us a short video of what they are working on in their home/studio and how they are staying connected. These videos will be uploaded to the social networks (facebook + instagram) of both institutions in support of artists and their societal contributions.

To learn more about La Neomudéjar Museum, visit