Viral Geometry is contemporary artist, Antuan's latest project. During the COVID-19 lockdown, the artist has produced an extended series of drawings concerning the global crisis that emerged as a result of the virus pandemic.


The set of artworks is an exploratory vision and statement of our global crisis and the need for a shift in human behavior regarding our social net, the environment, economic disparities, and our own physical and spiritual health while signs of the COVID-19 crisis is heightening and possibly cementing those changes.


This project is an integrated effort in times of social distancing and lockdown between Building Bridges Art Exchange in Santa Monica, CA; Arte Al Límite, in Santiago, Chile; Contemporary Art Lab|Arts Incubator, in Philadelphia, PA; and La Neomudéjar Centro de Artes, in Madrid, Spain.


The project initiates with the curatorial team of: Curator and Art Historian Marisa Caichiolo, Executive Director / Founder of Building Bridges Art Exchange and Curator of DIVERSEartLA, Museums & Institutions section of the LA Art Show (Los Angeles, USA); Curator and Art Historian Elisa Massardo, Editor of Arte Al Límite art magazine (Santiago, Chile) focusing on project  concept and design; and Curator and Museologist Jorge Luis Gutierrez, Artistic Director of Contemporary Art Lab and Consultant for Art Africa Miami art fair (Philadelphia, USA), focusing on the art essays of the project.