Ariel Vargassal: Self-Made Myths

To be immortal is commonplace; except for man, all creatures are immortal, for they are ignorant of death. --Jorge Luis Borges

Painter Ariel Vargassal renders vignettes culled from an esoteric plane of consciousness, a hybrid world of being and nothingness, externalizing the human psyche in jewel-like portraiture augmented by symbolism. With touches of hyper-stylized post-Pop beauty and the gravitas of modern-day my...

“I feel like I’m channeling another lifetime,” says photographer Tami Bahat, speaking about her moody, lush, eccentrically witty Renaissance-inspired portraits. “It’s not studying, it’s more like remembering.” Her Dramatis Personae tableaux depict people interacting with a few carefully-chosen props or set pieces, and sometimes a live animal co-star. Her palette is warm and full, yet the air is slate-stone cold; a world conjured from fully-modele...

Synaesthesia: What is the taste of the color blue?

All art-making tackles the unruly prospect of finding an external form for a private vision, thereby offering audiences a fresh, unique perspective on the world — and in the process prompting the viewer to examine assumptions about their own point of view. In the case of the current exhibition at Building Bridges Art Exchange, the artists and organizers are taking this aspect of how art functions...

Lion of contemporary Italian art Riccardo Mannelli is not unknown in the US -- but when his compelling work is recognized, it is most often by fellow painters who admire his particular combination of advanced techniques in color and draftsmanship and the innovative, refined deliberations of composition he lavishes on his edgy content. Yet it may prove to be the subversive sensuality of his ultra-modern figures and portraits, demonstrating a kind...

Tradition meets revolution in this fascinating and captivating group exhibition featuring new contemporary art from the Czech Republic. Far from monolithic in mediums or styles, these artists are shown to speak diverse languages of sculpture and painting ranging from the lyrical and abstract, to the tumultuous and gestural, to the overtly, boldly political.

Although it's undeniable that the current generation of emerging artists, coming of age aft...

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