BBAX is happy to present to the community the production by Self-Isolation Residency Artist @dorianwoodmusic.


The project for this residency is the creation of a temple. This “structure” is comprised of 20 elements: for 20 consecutive days, Dorian, who identifies as non-binary, recorded a video each day of them embodying Encarnación, performing a 25-minute vocal ritual that honors cis women, transgender women, transgender men, and non-binary beings. A grid of 20 Encarnaciónes singing/enacting the ritual simultaneously, projected inside a dark room with four-channel sound, on a continuous loop; a temple of defiance of traditions that foment trauma and perpetuate normalized oppression. 


They believed that becoming Encarnación, even if for a brief moment each day during this residency, allowed them to confront their traumas and empower them to face the dark realities of this pandemic. The figure of Encarnación is derived from the Costa Rican misogynist legend of la Segua, about a woman cursed to transform into a half-human, half-horse creature because of her sexual freedom. She is the strength that has pulled the artist out of a place of self doubt, especially in times when their work has been censored or restricted. In the past, Dorian has attempted several times to bring their work to Costa Rica. Wood's most recent bid for consideration was met by the response “too controversial”. With this project, they hope to both address and challenge the vagueness of that type of viewpoint. They also aim to establish an immersive space in which the public can enter and release/project/share/sacrifice their individual frustrations, to ultimately receive solace, as one would expect in a familiar temple of brick and mortar.


The 2020 Self-Isolation Residencies are in partnership with the Cultural Center of Spain in Costa Rica – Casa Caníbal, the network of ArthouseSpain centers, formed by Museo C.A.V. La Neomudéjar, Kárstica Espacio de Creación and Zapadores Ciudad del arte, in Spain, Plataforma Caníbal in Barranquilla (Colombia) and Women in the Visual Arts (MAV).




BBAX is happy to present to the community the production by Self-Isolation Residency Artist Larry Kline.

This performance features four robotic vacuums, each topped with hand-made M1 tanks molded from sugar. The tanks do battle by patrolling their territory. When they meet at the borders, the tanks may shatter on impact. As these armies initiate hostilities, they clean up the mess by vacuuming up the remains of their encounters. This spectacle evokes military drones actively engaged around the globe, or our own need to maintain personal perimeters due to the pandemic.

Larry and Debby Kline are collaborative artists, whose work has been featured in solo exhibitions at Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts (SF,) California Center for the Arts Museum, La Casa del Tunel Art Center (TJ,) Southwestern College, UCSD Cross Cultural Center, Mesa College and La Jolla Athenaeum.  Group exhibitions include Indiana State Museum, Torrance Art Museum and Museum on the Seam (Israel.)  They have been featured in periodicals such as Utne and Orion, and books including “The Artists Guide,” and “Design and Ethics: Reflections on Practice.”  Awards include three grants from The Gunk Foundation (NY) and grants from Potrero Nuevo Fund (SF,) Center for Cultural Innovation (LA,) UCIRA (SD) and San Diego Art Prize.  They were featured in an Emmy Award winning episode of ArtPulse TV and were artists-in-residence at San Diego Natural History Museum, Torrance Art Museum, Center for Land Use Interpretation, Building Bridges Art Exchange and currently UCSD School of Medicine.