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Ariel Vargassal Presents FÁBULAS Art Exhibition in Commemoration of National Wildlife Day in the U.S

Mexican artist Ariel Vargassal, who has established himself as one of the most recognized visual artists of the moment in the United States, and one of the latest Latino talents that has achieved success in the country, will showcase his new work in commemoration of National Wildlife Day in the United States. The art exhibition titled "FABULAS: Fables of Emotional and Physical Displacement" will open to the public beginning Friday September 4th physically at Building Bridges Art Exchange (BBAX) gallery in the city of Santa Monica, CA. The exhibition will be available to the public for a month by appointment only, following all the social distancing guidelines set by the city. Ariel's work can also be accessed virtually beginning the same date on the gallery's website. To schedule an appointment and access the virtual exhibition please go to:

FÁBULAS will feature 12 original paintings by Vargassal and an interactive art installation in collaboration with artist Scott Riddle. This artwork follows the distinguished work that sets Ariel apart from other artists and has rewarded him with well deserved recognition: a passionate social commentary that he alludes to in each of his art pieces. This time, his collection invites the viewer to reflect on climate change and the destruction of the environment by the human race itself. To convey this message, he will use extinct or endangered animals in each painting and the interactive art installation "BEE-CAREFUL with our planet" which will focus on bees, one of the most endangered species of our planet. In this installation, the viewer will be part of this interactive work that contains close to one thousand bees made and painted by hand in ceramic where Vargassal and Riddle's message comes to life: it is in our hands to save or destroy the bees in our planet, an intrinsic species for human survival.

"Vargassal re-conceptualizes each art piece's original format by creating individual fables that enable him to transform this exhibition into a useful tool for viewers to consider our role in the creation of a system better serving the future of our planet." , states FABULAS curator Marisa Caichiolo (BBAX).

Ariel Vargassal focuses on the genre of photorealism and has created his own style which he calls 'essentialism' as he only paints what is essential to the story.

"I consider myself a social commentator, I paint what inspires me in terms of political and social issues. Art is a gift for the future so it is important to represent the present. When I paint, I am not only interested in one message, I like to create art with various emotional landscapes, I want to reach as many people as possible.", says Vargassal.

Ariel Vargassal graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Mexico and immediately began teaching art throughout various Mexico City schools. His life changed when he was one of two Mexican artists chosen to represent Mexico and exhibit their art at the Salt Lake City Olympic Games in 2002. From that point on, he achieved a very successful career in Salt Lake City, becoming one of the first Latinos to exhibit at the prestigious Kimball Art Center in Park City, UT and at the University of Utah. In addition to having had the opportunity to exhibit his art during the Sundance Film Festival, Vargassal has showcased his work at some of the most important art exhibitions and fairs in the United States, including ART BASEL week in 2017 where he was named one of 2 top new artists in the North American art world at SCOPE Miami's Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series.

Ariel Vargassal is a passionate advocate and social commentator on human rights, immigrant rights, and the LGBTQ community.


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