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A residency program with textile artist Irma Sofia Poeter from Tecate, Mexico

"New Man: A Woman's Gaze" is a study of gender, as well as an imagining of a new form of masculinity — one that's vulnerable and stripped of what Poeter refers to as the "violent gender binary." The project, in partnership with The Santa Monica Repertory Theater, will consist of storytelling and bilingual sewing circles as part of a community healing process.


The objective of this residency program and the community sewing circles is to create a safe space for our community members to talk about mental issues, gender, race issues, activating the senses, creating a space to work together to start recovering as a community and to process personal and social issues generated by the pandemic: thus recovering our trust in others. Through storytelling, while using their hands they will also have the possibility of healing through words and sharing stories of immigration, family, cultural learnings, etc.

In her artistic practice, Poeter reframes a misconception that textiles are traditionally seen as a woman's domain, or a craft rather than art 


Sherry Ortner, an anthropologist, explains there is a whole series of valuations that have culturally manipulated the world, placing woman and their functions, their products, their tasks in a place of inferiority, in relation to

that of men. Feminism has mobilized in response to gender inequality and gendered violence- all of which stems from heteronormative, patriarchal values.


But what about men? What role do men play in reconfiguring the system? Addressing the problem from another perspective, Poeter explores with this project "New Man: A Woman's Gaze" the possibility of deconstructing hegemonic masculinity, and opts for alternative masculinities in which ways of being and existing in the world stand out differently.


Sensitive men with soft bodies and textures, in harmony with nature, men clad in floral and lace textiles, men who are reflective, men who live together without competing. The artist with this project blurs violent generic binarism and opens the way to the existence of a new man.

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