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A workshop presented by BBAX and supported by the City of Santa Monica

Curated by Claudia M. Huiza


Sunday, August 22, 3 - 4pm

Watch the entire workshop on our YouTube channel


Through the spirit of play, imagination, and intuition, artists Gabriela Ruiz and noé olivas will lead a one-hour online workshop entitled Two Chairs. In this workshop, the artists will go over how to make a sculpture with ordinary household objects as well as discuss the importance of improvisation, breathing, and healing within their artistic practices. Please join us on the eve of the full moon on Sunday, August 22nd, 2021 from 3:00pm - 4:00pm via Zoom and make some magic happen.


Gabriela Ruiz is a self-taught artist whose practice blends diverse forms of expression and media, including sculpture, video, painting, and apparel design. Within her work, she uses a variety of color palettes to create vivid and vibrant environments that function as installations, settings for performances, or as backdrops for fashion shoots. Her sculptures incorporate found objects and industrial materials, such as thrift store furniture and insulation foam, and investigate ideas of home and self and our relationship to environments around us.


noé olivas is a Southern California-based artist. Through printing making, sculpture, and performance, he investigates the poetics of labor. He considers the relationship between labor as it fits into the conceptions of femininity and masculinity in order to play with and reshape cultural references, narratives, myths, traditions, and objects, ultimately employing a new meaning. He co-founded the community arts and performance space Crenshaw Dairy Mart, with Patrisse Cullors.


Supported in part by a grant from the City of Santa Monica.

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