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In partnership with Now Art LA and The Broad Diversity Apprenticeship Program (DAP), BBAX will host two artists, Ana María Hernando coming from Colorado and Tadeo Muleiro coming from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Curated by Marisa Caichiolo

Exhibition: September 1 - October 1, 2019

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 14, 6 - 9pm

This year, in partnership with Now Art LA and The Broad Diversity Apprenticeship Program (DAP), BBAX will host two artists Ana María Hernando (Colorado) and Tadeo Muleiro (Argentina). Using the Metro as a performance space, Hernando and Muleiro will explore the diversity and social histories of its patrons as they travel from east/west LA. Given the enormous amount of time LA residents spend in transit, the artists will investigate how this time causes detachment from one another, affects our memories, and impacts our collective identity.

Both artists work with textiles to create amazing, one of a kind pieces and will be incorporating the LA Metro into their work. They will be performing daily using the Metro Line, traveling from the 26th Street/Bergamot Station to the 7th St / Metro Center.


Follow us on instagram @buildingbridges_ax to get daily schedules and meet the artists along the way.

Ana María Hernando works in installations, textiles, painting, printmaking and poetry. For her residency at BBAX she will explore the topic of invisibility and loneliness, of empathy and longing. The inhabitants of Los Angeles and their surroundings spend enormous amounts of time in transit. It might be in their cars on their epic highways, or in the public transportation system. In any city and public environment, the tendency is to envelope ourselves with a cocoon of separation, arbitrary but real. Hernando will be using the train as the first medium and environment to explore these issues, working on paying attention, on breaking the tendency to disappear and pulling away.


Tadeo Muleiro uses a mix of northern carnivals and superheroes to compose a syncretism of images which has allowed him to construct fictions that may include ancestral myths, autobiographical facts, or social histories. His residency will consist of a performance where the core crosses the memory, the individual, and the collective identity. A suit, consisting of a series of bags, functions as a receptacle for the experience; within them you can find elements of his life in Argentina: clothes, drawings, papers, etc. Moving in the Metro wearing this suit, he will add objects that he finds in different stations and neighborhoods of LA.

Special thanks to @metrolosangeles for allowing the artists to perform daily.

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