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Opening Reception: Saturday, October 27, 6 - 9pm

October 27 - December 1

Celebrating the centennial of Poland's regaining of independence. Sponsored by The General Consulate of Poland in Los Angeles and the Californian Krakart Group.


Artists: Justyna Kisielewicz / Andrew Kolo / Leonard Konopelski / Janusz Maszkiewicz / Tomasz Misztal / Agnieszka Pilat / Kasia Czerpak-Wegliński / Witold "Vito" Wójcik


Curated by Marisa Caichiolo

The Centennial of Poland's regaining of independence, which through 2018 is solemnly celebrated in Poland, also released many initiatives and interest in Polish art and artistic culture beyond Poland. The Californian Krakart Group is the best example of the culture-forming tissue originating from Poland being organically fused into the American community, and is proof of Poland's cultural strength through works of art, exhibitions and concerts which have been organized mainly in Los Angeles since 1980.


At the beginning of the 21st century Szymon Bojko wrote that Polish artists in Los Angeles "emerge as aesthetically sensitive individuals endowed with energy. Spatially distant from each other. Maybe sometimes socially lonely. Dispersed, growing roots in a new environment related to culture, customs and language. They introduce to it their own identity, values, behavior. Also temperaments and intelligence." These artists create "a strong emanating outside core ... Among them we can find original individualities, sharply depicted-easily recognized. In works of Polish artists in California the presence of European avant-garde is visible which seems natural due to academic experience gained at Polish academies. But on the canvases of Polish artists in Los Angeles the independent experience of American avant-garde is visible including abstract expressionism of Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning, Jackson Pollock as well as signs of pictorial photomontages of Robert Rauschenberg. The majority of the Group's members are engaged in classic painting. However, some don't hesitate to step away from the outline of a picture hung on the wall and head toward so-called artistic activities.”


Established in 1980, this group of artists' twenty-eight years of existence has seen over thirty collective exhibitions. In 2018, these Polish artists appear with their works as continuators of their artistic schools, their masters and European painting of the second half of the 20th century. But also with their paintings and sculptures they indicate interest in such artistic currents which are directed at the newest solutions and trends in 20th century world art.

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