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For Mexican Artist, a Quest to Map Lives

Romero presents the social structures of a complex society, whose pillars seem to have been shaken up within a map that constantly extends farther beyond its boundaries, though paradoxically affirming its borders. She transmits the persistent realities that surround and concern her through intervention of easily recognized objects. The car, the artist’s seal, is nothing but a Duchampian objet trouvé (ready-made), around which her creative process focuses, from the moment it is found to its conceptualization, its novel arrangement and respective reformulation. Through intervention, it acquires a local outlook, which connects with other places, due to the broad identity spectrum to which it alludes. This is how she shapes the cartographic horizon, whose identity never stops creating and re-creating itself, from the moment these realities emerge from traveled roads and found paths, which could, at times, lead into dead-end streets, appear as a game or vanish in a puff of air.

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