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Latin American Art Stars Betsabee Romero & Andrea Juan

A special exhibit, presented by ADC Contemporary Art & Building Bridges, will showcase two of the world’s art stars, acclaimed Mexican artist Betsabee Romero and celebrated Argentine artist Andrea Juan. Romero, one of the world’s top Latin-American artists, has shown extensively in both Europe and the Americas. Her current acclaimed body of work, uses automobile tires as a medium, which she carves into intricate patterns and imprints onto textiles. The final works are hung to create an immersive environment that has been described by critics as “ingenious”. Betsabee Romero has exhibited at the Neuberger Museum of Art to high praise by art critics from the New York Times and Art in America. Romero’s tire installation will be situated prominently in between the Modern & Contemporary and Historic & Traditional sections of the show.

Andrea Juan’s enthralling floor to ceiling video installation New Species documents the unexpected effects of a warming planet, through changes in the glaciers in the Antarctic Peninsula. As the ice shelves retreat, a treasure-trove of new specimens in the Weddell Sea are uncovered, and a hidden ecosystem revealed. Her second video, Sea Images will accompanyNew Species. Juan seamlessly blends environmental concerns with a Christo-like urge to adorn landscape in vibrant color. She states, “The idea was to take art to Antarctica and develop short‐lived sites‐specifics as a praise of sorts, displaying a peaceful presence. And once the exhibition came to an end, the biosphere was to be left just as it had been found. The only trace/work that has remained is a series of video and photographic records plus the recollections of the inhabitants.”

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