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‘#_Mass’ by Carson Davis Brown

Imagine being artist Carson Davis Brown, working without permission to create his series titled “#_Mass,” a colorful assembly of sculptures made across America’s big-box stores. Now imagine being witness to one of his pieces as you’re out doing your mundane shopping. I imagine one might maneuver and contemplate what one would witness in these creative and meticulously made works of art that are literally hyper-retail displays turned pop-up shows turned photography series. At the end of it, the pieces are taken down by the retail staff, but I wonder if any of them ever considered putting up signs and selling off the merchandise. As a consumer, I find the stuff pretty appealing on display like that.

“#_Mass” is on view through May 15 at Building Bridges Art Exchange at Bergamot Station’s Art Center in Santa Monica and is part of a Month of Photography Los Angeles exhibition.

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