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On View Now: Palos Verdes Art Center and Building Bridges Art Exchange Present Two New Exhibitions

Also opening tonight is "COLLABORATIONS: prints from Mixografia," featuring works on paper by Helen Frankenthaler, Ed Ruscha, Kiki Smith, Rufino Tamayo, Donald Sultan, Jason Martin, Mimmo Paladino, Joe Goode, Kwang-Young Chun and Kcho. Working in close collaboration with artists, Mixografia Workshop, located in Los Angeles, California, specializes in high-relief prints that have the dimensional qualities of bas-relief sculpture. The Workshop originated its proprietorial technique in the early 1970s when Rufino Tamayo approached master printer Luis Remba, based in Mexico City, with a request for greater volume and texture in his prints. To accommodate Tamayo's needs, a printing process was developed allowing for the printing of images in relief and with fine surface detail. The technique not only registered the texture and volume of Tamayo's design, but it also granted him the freedom to use any combination of solid materials in its creation. Tamayo was delighted with the process and results, leading to the printing of 80 editions with the artist in over 17 years of collaboration.Due to the inability of commercial paper to withstand the stress of the new three-dimensional printing technique, more resilient handmade paper was also invented. Luis and Lea's son, Shaye, designed and constructed the second generation of papermaking machines in 1982. Since then, Shaye has invented new techniques, enhancing and improving many aspects of the production operations. Today, he oversees all the production at the workshop.

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