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BBAX welcomes Norton Maza

Born in Lautaro, Chile, in 1971, Maza studied art in Cuba and also at the Institute of Fine Arts in Bordeaux (France). His works bridge the historical with the sociological, biographical and political. Maza's perspective on power has always been critical, but with a sense of humor. His current installation at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Chile, The Rapture, exhibits elements of medieval imagery that are mixed with iconography from today's mass culture, war, and political issues. In the words of the artist, his work is on the one hand, a tryst "with the celestial painting ship" in counterpoint to the female figure beneath it, who realizes the ideological contradictions of the present. "She is the rebel that contradicts all the time, who is 'abducted' in some way by the consumer society and ultimately ends up being a stereotype of it", says Maza.

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