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All Women Are Dangerous @ Building Bridges Art Exchange

The exhibition focuses on the use of photography as a vehicle to explore self identity and issues of gender presentation,” stated Marisa Caichiolo, Director of BBAX.

“While some of the featured artists have a conceptual or experimental approach, others have opted for the traditional photographic process. The common thread is that they all have established a very intimate and personal photographic discussion.”

Featuring work by: Bootsy Holler — Lisa McCord — Eleonora Ronconi — Tami Bahat — Sandra Klein — JK Lavin — Aline Smithson — Susan Swihart — Sarah Hadley — Marian Crostic — Paula Riff — Brandy Trigueros — Pauline Gola — Marjorie Salvaterra — Samantha Geballe — Jane Szabo — Jessie Chaney.

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