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Tami Bahat at Building Bridges Art Exchange

Lush, Painterly Photographs from Tami Bahat

Closing Reception February 17th, 6pm – 9pm Building Bridges Art Exchange, Santa Monica

With “Revising Humanity: Secrets and Lifetimes”, photographer Tami Bahat creates astonishing painterly works that are rich and lustrous, works that echo Renaissance-style artworks and form images that haunt and glow.

Bahat unassumingly says of her work: “I hope to display a bit of humanity and connect with others through the imagery.” But the artist does far more than that, creating a fascinating amalgam of classic images and modern technique. There is something dream-like about her subjects and execution; it’s as if she were reimagining the work of the Old Masters and making their style most decisively her own. The images are often witty and yet profound, speaking of the human condition in a way that transcends time, and exists in a kind of netherworld which is both indefinable and universal.

With this sort of mythic visual approach, the Los Angeles-based Bahat nonetheless creates her tableau in a fairly-prosaic way. According to the artist: “My models are typically family or friends. I prefer photographing ‘ordinary people’ as they tend to project something very honest and vulnerable.”